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MS Teams News - Skype for Business Transitioning to Microsoft Teams

Yesterday at Microsoft Ignite , Microsoft announced that Teams will be the go-forward client for "intelligent communications" with Office 365, eventually replacing Skype for Business. This move had been widely rumored in recent weeks. I have seen mixed reactions in my social networks since the announcement, with most feeling that it will be a good decision in the long run, if not an inevitable one, given the rise of Slack for online collaboration. In the announcement, the team also listed some recent and upcoming enhancements for Teams. Guest access was recently added for collaborating with users outside your organization, as was Outlook calendar integration, scheduled meetings and meetings via mobile. Integration with audio conferencing services was announced yesterday as being available in preview. Integration between Teams and Skype for Business is also being added, enabling messaging between the platforms and a shared online presence. Expect a slew of new features

Microsoft Teams Tip #1 - Enable Developer Preview Builds

Welcome to the first Microsoft Teams Tip! This tip is a simple one, but it can provide the Teams dev team with early insight on the latest fixes and features coming to Teams. If you enable Developer Preview in your Teams client, your client will automatically download these preview builds as they become available. Here's how to enable it. In the lower-left corner of MS Teams, click on your profile picture. On the menu that opens, select "About". If "Developer Preview" is not checked, click it to select it. That's it! You will now receive early preview builds of Teams. Hint: If Developer Preview is not available in the About menu, it may be disabled by your organization. My company has them disabled. Enjoy and be sure to provide feedback to the Teams team! Follow them on Twitter at @MicrosoftTeams . Tags: ms teams , teams tips , preview builds

Welcome to MS Teams Tips!

Hello, Welcome to my new "tips" blog, MS Teams Tips. My two previously launched Tips blogs, and , were more developer-focused. This blog will provide tips for everyday and power users of Microsoft Teams. New tips will be posted 2-3 times per month, with the first one coming in just a few days. Welcome and please subscribe or check back soon! Alvin