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Microsoft Teams Tip #4 - Praise Your Team!

Did you know you can give kudos or "Praise" to team members in Microsoft Teams now? Here's how it works.

First, open the Teams channel where you want to acknowledge your colleague. Then from beneath the box to start a new conversation, select Praise. (It may be inside the show more (...) button.)

Now you can select the type of Praise to give your teammate(s).

Achiever - Maybe someone just received a new certification or awardAwesome - Recognize some general awesomenessCoach - Praise a superstar mentorCreative - Perfect for teams solving a tricky problemKind Heart - Worked through a trying situation?Leadership - It's important to recognize leadership traits shining throughProblem Solver - For those who love a challengeTeam Player - No lone rangers in here!Thank You - The team worked some extra time to meet a deadline? Thank them!

From here, select the team members to add to the Praise, Preview the post and send it!

That's all there is to it. For the official Office…

Microsoft Teams Tip #3 - Get Familiar with Commands

The Command box in Teams can be an easy way to navigate or get information quickly.
You can click in the command box, or type alt-K (or Option-K for Mac) to navigate there by keyboard. Type a “/“ to see a list of available commands. As you start typing, the list will filter to the commands that match the characters entered, as you would expect.
Here are a few useful commands to get you started. Status Commands/dnd - Set status to Do Not Disturb (surpresses notifications)/available - Set status to Available/busy - Set status to Busy/away - Set status to Away Other Useful Commands/call - Call somebody/org - View someone’s org chart information/unread - View your unread messages/mentions - View your mentions (@’s)/goto - Navigate to a specific team or channel/whatsnew - See what’s new in Microsoft Teams/keys - Get a list of Teams keyboard shortcuts To see the full list of available commands, visit the Office support page for Teams here.
One caveat to the availability of commands is that…