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Microsoft Teams Tip #3 - Get Familiar with Commands

The Command box in Teams can be an easy way to navigate or get information quickly. You can click in the command box, or type alt-K (or Option-K for Mac) to navigate there by keyboard. Type a “/“ to see a list of available commands. As you start typing, the list will filter to the commands that match the characters entered, as you would expect. Here are a few useful commands to get you started. Status Commands /dnd - Set status to Do Not Disturb (surpresses notifications) /available - Set status to Available /busy - Set status to Busy /away - Set status to Away Other Useful Commands /call - Call somebody /org - View someone’s org chart information /unread - View your unread messages /mentions - View your mentions (@’s) /goto - Navigate to a specific team or channel /whatsnew - See what’s new in Microsoft Teams /keys - Get a list of Teams keyboard shortcuts To see the full list of available commands, visit the Office support page for Teams here . O